As you are probably aware by now, this is a blog that is completely dedicated to discussing all the Snapchat Hacks that tool place in 2015.

In this about section I will give some more information about me, the author of this blog.

My name is Jason and I’m a major in Computer Science at the University of Colombia. I’m in my second year and I have a minor in Security Systems. For my recent paper in Security Systems I have decided to investigate the Snapchat Hacks that have taken place. Hacking has always intrigued me and even though I do not hack anything myself learning about it is still immensely interesting to me.

However, I also understand that for most people the hacks that get broadcast in the news are way too complicated. They don’t understand how these hacks can happen and want to learn more about it.

That’s what I intend to do on this blog. Educate people on how social media hacks can happen.

My first post regarding the Snapchat hack has been written, and I really encourage you to read it.


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