The recent Snapchat Hack and leak explained

Welcome. This will be the first post on this blog and it will delve into the topic of the Snapchat Hack that has been in the news recently.

Most of you have probably heard of this Snapchat hack and leaks. Many accounts were compromised and their account details were put online along with the pictures that they sent and received. I was wondering how a Snapchat Hacking of this scale was possible and I decided to do some research on it. What I found was quite staggering. I never would have thought that hacking into a Snapchat account would be so incredibly easy.

First, what I did was I contacted a friend of mine that has experience with hacking and cracking. He referred me to a website called on this website, there are several hacking tools available. One of the tools that’s available is a hack for Snapchat. I decided to give it a try because my friend told me that it worked. I entered my own Snapchat username and it actually worked. It showed me all the pictures that I have ever sent and received on snapchat along with videos.

I was shocked that this was possible. Snapchat claims to delete all the pictures once they have been received by the recipient and viewed but apparently they do not.

The pictures that you send and received are still stored on Snapchat’s servers and the tool on cleverly hacks into these servers and retrieves the photos and shows them to you.

In addition, the hack works online which means that it works on any device and that there is no need to download or install anything at all. Everybody with an internet connection can hack any Snapchat account they want.

However, since this information is now available to the public, one wonders how long it takes for Snapchat to fix the hole in their security. This is something that only time can tell, but for now the tool works.

The recent Snapchat Hack and leak explained

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